Professional Power Hair Oil (1000 ml) Indications Professional Power Hair Oil is a blend of several oils with powerful therapeutic properties. Method of use Apply the oil on the hair and leave it overnight. Shampoo it the next morning. Can also be used for head massage in salon treatments.  


Professional Power Nourishing Cream (500 gm) Indications Professional Power Nourishing Cream is a luxurious product which consists of natural extracts and is rich in Vitamin A and E. It is a nourishing cream which is ideal for normal to dry skin. The regular use of this cream prevents the for mation of lines and wrinkles, [...]


Shahnaz Husain Shacomplex-powder (350 gm) Indications A powerful formula to refine and revitalize the skin, improving the tone and texture of the skin. Purifies the skin by clearing away dead cells, making the skin appear healthy, bright and more youthful. Method of use To be used as per the instructions of the clinic personnel.   [...]


Shahnaz Husain Shaweeds (100 ml) Indications Especially created for the delicate skin around the eyes, it helps to remove dryness and make the skin appear smoother ,brighter and younger. Can also be used on the rest of the face to relive dryness. Method of use Apply evenly on face and neck, including the area around [...]