A unique blend of arnica along with other herbal extracts of amla, sandalwood, "bhringraj" and "brahmi". Arnica Hair Oil formulation controls hair fall, dandruff greyness, and dryness. Stimulates hair growth and thickness. Regular use makes the hair healthy and lustrous.


All in one shampoo for healthy manageable hair. Arnica Shampoo contains plant-derived agents such as arnica, amla, "brahmi", and "bringraj". The unique formula with nutritive properties prevents hair loss, and dandruff while giving the hair natural luster and cleanses the hair without stripping off natural oils.


A highly advanced formulation containing the rare Black Diamond, it is specially created to revitalize the hair powerfully. In serum form and blended with precious plant extracts and oils, it moisturizes and nourishes the hair, making it appear smooth, thick, healthy and lustrous, with added body and shine.


Colourveda is available only in a Blackish-Brown color. The product is a unique combination of traditional Ayurvedic ingredients known to impart Blackish-Brown Colour naturally. Totally free of chemicals it protects the hair from damage keeping them healthy and strong.


Flower Botanics – Carnation-Hibiscus Hair Conditioning Powder – 200gm Indications Carnation Hibiscus Hair Conditioning Powder food is specially created as a hair food treatment. It is blended with precious plant extracts that condition the hair and leave it looking smooth, healthy and lustrous. Method of use Mix together into a paste one cup conditioning powder [...]


Flower Botanics – Poppy-Jasmine Henna Powder – 200 gm Indications  Poppy Jasmine Hair conditioning powder is a unique blend of floral and plant extracts, which is specially created to condition the hair. This conditioning powder helps to make the hair appear healthy and shiny adding body and bounce. Method of use  Mix together into a [...]


Professional Power Scalp Tonic (1000 ml)  Indications A time-tested and highly effective formula for hair care. Removes loose dandruff flakes and tones the scalp, revitalizing hair beauty and making the hair appear healthy and free from problems. Method of use Apply the herbal hair tonic directly on scalp, preferably every night using a cotton wool. [...]


Enriched with precious plant extracts of rosemary, thyme, and fenugreek, it is specially created to add body and vitality to the hair. It conditions strengthens and protects the hair, leaving it soft, smooth, shiny and manageable.


A unique formulation for your hair care, enhancing its strength, health, and beauty. Cleansing the scalp and providing a hair conditioning effect while adding body and luster.ing body and lustre.

Ayurvedic & Herbal



This formulation, with built-in conditioner, helps to remove loose dandruff flakes and make the hair look healthy, shiny and manageable. Improves the look of dry, damaged hair with split ends.


Pure henna leaves with a number of precious herbal ingredients make it a unique formulation for hair care. Fortifies and strengthens the hair, making it look conditioned and healthy.


A powerful blend of henna and other herbs for natural hair care and conditioning. Cleanses the scalp and removes loose dandruff flakes, providing attractive highlights and sheen to the hair. Enhances the healthy look of the hair.