Shahnaz Forever Vegetable Exfoliating Dermabrasive Powder (350 gm) Indications A powerful blend, containing almond and other herbs, for deep cleansing the pores and removing dead epithelial cells. Leaves the skin looking cleaner, brighter and vibrant. Method of use To be used as per the instructions of the clinic personnel.  


Professional Power Scalp Tonic (1000 ml)  Indications A time-tested and highly effective formula for hair care. Removes loose dandruff flakes and tones the scalp, revitalizing hair beauty and making the hair appear healthy and free from problems. Method of use Apply the herbal hair tonic directly on scalp, preferably every night using a cotton wool. [...]


Professional Power Skin Softening Cream (500 gm)  Indications Professional Power Skin Softening Cream is a massage cream and is based on a formula that benefits body care Method of use  Apply on body with firm, circular movements to relieve dryness and provide protection from the effects of sun exposure.