Chocolate Plus Mini Kit Indications Chocolate has several beauty benefits. It protects the skin from sunburn, giving it a smooth and moist finish. The Chocolate Plus Kit consists of 3 products – Chocolate Nourishing Cream, Rejuvenating Mask Plus and Coffee Bean Scrub. Method of use  CHOCOLATE NOURISHING CREAM PLUS — Apply on the face after [...]


Diamond Skin Revival Kit Indications  The Diamond Skin Revival Kit is a powerful age-control formula for timeless beauty. Comprising of Diamond Plus Scrub, Diamond Plus Nourishing Cream, Diamond Plus Mask and Diamond Plus Rehydrant Lotion, it purifies the skin. This Diamond Skin Revival Kit regenerates new skin cells and enhances skin beauty. The Diamond Kit [...]


Gold Skin Radiance Kit Indications The Gold Skin Radiance Timeless Youth Kit is a product which helps in improving the texture and radiance of the skin. Comprising of age-defying pure Gold Scrub, Gold Mask, Gold Gel and Moisturising Cream which purifies, revitalizes and rejuvenates the skin, giving it a youthful and golden glow. It also [...]


Shahnaz Husain White Pearl Kit – Skin Whitening Therapy Indications Pearl Powder has been used since the ancient times. Pearl protects the skin from the Sun and makes the skin glow. It also has anti-ageing properties. Shahnaz Husain White Pearl Kit consist of two products; Pearl Cream and Pearl Mask. Method of use  Shahnaz Husain [...]


Shahnaz Husain White Pearl Skin Whitening Therapy Indications Get fairer, smoother and brighter complexion using the Shahnaz Husain Skin Whitening Therapy kit.The use of pearls as a natural whitener, rich in nutrients, has been established as an ancient beauty aid. Pearls reduce the transfer of melanin to the skin, preventing tanning, while fading away dark [...]