Brow Xenna Shampoo 30ml gently and deeply cleanses eyebrows, lashes and degreases the skin surface before the coloring procedure. Shampoo-foam has the effect of light peeling: gently removes dead skin particles, contributing to a better fixation of color. The aloe-leaf-juice moisturizes the skin and stimulates growth of eyebrows and lashes. How to use: spread BROWXENNA® SHAMPOO-FOAM [...]


BROWXENNA SET – 3 BLONDE is suitable for clients with light eyebrows. Shades, presented in the set, allow to add texture and density of color to the eyebrows of blondes, but do not darken the hairs. Set Blonde consists of three shades and is designed for 280-300 procedures. Shades can be used individually or mixed together. [...]


BROWXENNA SET -3 BRUNETTE  is suitable for brown-haired women and brunettes and ladies with darker eyebrows. The set consists of three universal shades of brown of different tones and intensity, they help to work with different types of customers. The set is designed for 280-300 procedures. Shades can be used individually or mixed together. BROWXENNA is [...]


A very special combination of precious herbs and pure Almond Oil for eye make-up. Helps to pamper the skin around the eyes.


Shahnaz Husain Luxury Organic Under Eye Serum 50gm Indications This advanced organic formulation is specially developed for the  care of the delicate skin around the eyes. Fruit and herb extracts have been more youthful. In serum form, it is easily absorbed , refreshing the skin and enchaining its beauty. Method of  use  Apply sparingly under [...]


A water based mascara for enhancing eyelash beauty, making the lashes appear longer, thicker and more exotic. Has built-in natural moisturising effects. Dries fast and reduces smudging.


Containing herbal ingredients, it helps to enhance and protect eye beauty. Keeps the skin moisturised.


Containing with Sandalwood and Almond Oil, this formula helps to brighten and moisturize the skin around the eyes, giving it a soft and smooth look. Helps to revitalize and protect eye beauty.

Ayurvedic & Herbal

Shasmooth 40gm


Helps to revitalize the skin around the eyes, making it appear brighter and smoother. Daily use helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and slows down ageing signs. Makes the skin appear fresh, vital and more youthful.