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Hair Touch Up is an easy to use, herbal formula that helps conceal gray hair instantly and lasts until the next shampoo


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Shahnaz Botanics Thyme Lavender Hair Conditioning Lotion 200 ml PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Benefits: Enriched with plant extracts and oils, it is specially designed to condition damaged hair with split ends. It leaves the hair looking soft, smooth, thick and lustrous. if you experience Hair loss then this is best conditioner which can go unto roots and strengthen [...]


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Shahnaz Husian Pot of Gold Foundation (30 gm) Indications     Enriched with the luminous glow of pure gold, this foundation provides a spectacular finish to the skin, making the skin appear younger, with a radiant color tone. Ideal for evening use.


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Shahnaz Husain Anti Hair-Fall Serum (40 ml) Indications A highly advanced formulation, it is specially created to revitalize the hair powerfully, stimulating hair growth and fighting hair loss in serum form, it is blended with precious plant extracts and oils like sprouts, hibiscus, basil, methi seed, rosemary, amla , bhringaraj and bergamot oil. It nourishes [...]


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Shahnaz Husain Anti-Pigmentation Gel (40 ml) Anti-Pigmentation Gel Indications A highly effective formula for treating skin problems, like blemishes, dark spots and patches, it helps to achieve an even colour tone, leaving the skin soft and smooth. It contains plant extracts of aloe vera juice , lemon peel , honey , sunflower and grape seed [...]

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Colourveda is available only in a Blackish-Brown color. The product is a unique combination of traditional Ayurvedic ingredients known to impart Blackish-Brown Colour naturally. Totally free of chemicals it protects the hair from damage keeping them healthy and strong.


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ShaFair Night Cream – 40 gms  Shahnaz Husain’s SHAFAIR PLUS is a highly exclusive, clinically tested formulation and has been specially reinforced with organic ingredients to minimize blemishes and lighten skin color. Containing carrot seed, vetiver and rose extract, along with chironji and almond oil, it helps to reduce dark spots and patches. Benefits Improves [...]


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Shahnaz Husain Luxury Organic Under Eye Serum 50gm Indications This advanced organic formulation is specially developed for the  care of the delicate skin around the eyes. Fruit and herb extracts have been more youthful. In serum form, it is easily absorbed , refreshing the skin and enchaining its beauty. Method of  use  Apply sparingly under [...]


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Professional Power Hair Oil (1000 ml) Indications Professional Power Hair Oil is a blend of several oils with powerful therapeutic properties. Method of use Apply the oil on the hair and leave it overnight. Shampoo it the next morning. Can also be used for head massage in salon treatments.  


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Professional Power Nourishing Cream (500 gm) Indications Professional Power Nourishing Cream is a luxurious product which consists of natural extracts and is rich in Vitamin A and E. It is a nourishing cream which is ideal for normal to dry skin. The regular use of this cream prevents the for mation of lines and wrinkles, [...]

Acne & Pimple

Shamask – I (100 gm)


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Rich in Almonds and other valuable herbs, this formulation helps to soften dead epithelial cells and facilitates their removal. The skin appears smooth and young, healthy and revitalized.

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Shapeel Honey Peel off Pack (500 gm) Indications Suited to all skin types, the formulation helps to soften dead cells and impurities and facilitates their removal. Leaves the skin cleansed and well moisturized, with a soft and smooth texture. Ideal as a pre-party pack. Method of use Wipe face with SHAROSE or wash with water. [...]