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An effective Ayurvedic body massage oil which helps to revitalize and brighten the skin, improving skin texture and tone. Gently sloughs away the dead surface cells


Shahnaz Husain Shaflower After Bath Body Lotion & Moisturizer (200 ml) Indications Shaflower is an effective formulation for softening the skin and protecting it from the abuse of exposure to the elements and chlorinated water. Leaves the skin soft, smooth and fragrant. Method of use Apply all over the body, after bath Leave On


Shahnaz Husain Yogic Veda Anti-Stress Bath Oil 100ml indications Essential oil of lavender, orange holy basil have been blended with floral and peanut oils to revitalilze and induce relaxtion. The mind appears calm and stress-free . It also helps to nourish the skin making it look soft, smooth and supple. Methods of use Put 8-10 [...]


Shahnaz Husain Yogic Veda Holistic Floral Mist 100ml Indications Floral and  herbal extracts like rose, jasmine, aloe vera and ginseng have been blended together to formulate this spray mist to hydrate and refresh the skin. Easily absorbed, it helps to moisturize the skin and seal make-up, making the skin appear soft smooth and radiant. Method [...]


Shahnaz Husain Yogic Veda Massage oil 200 ml  Indications The formulation is specially designed for massage. It is an unique blend of orange , lemon, sandalwood and wheatgerm oils along with almond, olive sesame seed and corn oils. Helps to nourish the skin and make it appear toned , soft and smooth . Method of [...]


Shahnaz Husain Yogic Veda Muscle Relaxant Oil 100 ml Indications The formulation is a powerful blend of oils, designed to ease muscular tension ad bring about relaxation. Containing lemongrass, wintergrass, thyme, eucalyptus and mint oils along with almond and groundnut oils, It improves blood circulation to the skin surface and brings about a feeling of [...]


Shahnaz Husain Yogic Veda Peace of Mind Cream 25gm Indications This unique formulation is NOT for massage. It contains a blend of essential oils to ease stress and bring about a feeling of well being. The mind appears calm and relaxed. Method of use To be locally applied on pulse points, on temples, forehead, inner [...]

Body-Care Range

Wax Strip


SOFT WAXING STRIPS Strips are very soft to touch and has a flexible pull to provide smooth experience of hair removal procedure. These strips are totally suitable for professional and personal use. It is usable with wax cartridges and hot or warm wax. We use the same in our beauty clinics. Size Length – 20cm [...]